Romania is somewhere in Europe.

Transylvania is somewhere in Romania.

The famous drink Zetea de Transilvania is produced here.

For many generations Zetea family produces natural beverages by fruit distillation in traditional kettles with direct fire heating, continuously improving the technique of the ZETEA recipe, still preserving its traditional nature.

After the revolution in 1989, Silviu Zetea reorganizes this activity within the company S.C. Privat Silviu Zetea SRL wishing to pass on to the next generations the secret of “Zetea” recipe from father to son.

For the first time for this kind of products, tuica “Zetea de Transilvania”, has a big success and is awarded a lot of decorations, one of them is the Silver Medal at the World Contest in Brussels in 2001..

This product is used in Romania for protocol and diplomatic meetings, as it is a select luxury product valued in different parts of the world.

This product is hand made (manufactured), its seasonal nature and the way it is obtained, gives “Zetea” products a special quality,
rendered by those who have visited us in our book of honor.

Since our logo is “Zetea – a tale that cannot be told in a few words”, we are waiting for you to discover us.

Silviu Zetea